Lines of Confrontation
Gouache, gold , ink and marbling on wasli paper.
9:51 minutes
Sponsored by
Contemporary Art Center , Cincinnati.
Chien-An Yuan
Neayon Yang
My work reflects my background and the transition ‘in between’ my old and new homes – political coalition and contradiction between them.

‘Lines of Confrontation’, is about destructive outcome of war on terrorism, causing massive numbers of casualties on both sides. It narrates the calamites of hi –tech war on Terror against medieval, stone-age combatant.

thirty-five (35, 000) people killed in Pakistan, the war that was imposed by a friend but has became Pakistan’s own war now. Pakistan has suffered very badly being front-line alley of United States in fighting their enemies. The 10-year-long war on terror has cost Pakistan billions of dollars plus Pakistan is unsafe then ever before.